Creasing & Folding

  1. Multi-Function Creasing & Perforation Machine

    Our Creasing and Perforating Machine is the ultimate tool to add finishing touches to your prints. Up to A3 Size, with a simple, easy-to-use design. This machine gives you the chance to do Single or Double Creasing and introduces the option to Perforate your prints as well to make it easy to tear. Read More

  2. A2 Creasing And Mounting Machine (Width 52.5cm)

    The creasing mounting machine makes creasing much easier by enabling you to crease multiple sheets in one go, accurately, time and time again. Read More

  3. VIVID MAGNUM Manual Creasers


    Starting at: £149.00

    Our Magnum Manual Creasers are specifically designed to make the toughest jobs look easy. They are ideal for creating accurate paper products in no time. Read More
    Ships in 3-4 days
  4. VIVID MAGNUM Electric Creasers


    Starting at: £825.00
    Free Delivery Available

    Our Magnum Electric Creasers are able to crease and perforate. They are simple, quick and perfect for the use in every day work. Read More
    Ships in 3-4 days
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