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GelJet Printers

In the GelJet printers section you will find a range of hybridised printers that combine the best of inkjet and laser technology to print in an eco-friendly way with super-dry results at considerably low-cost. These printers use liquid gel rather than dye-based or pigment-based ink and can print at high speed with high yield output. By default they do regular black & white and colour document printing although with special sublimation inks (bought separately) they are able to print onto thermal transfer paper which would then get used in conjunction with a heat press to complete the overall process of transferring an image onto hard surfaces or soft textiles.

Please Note: Hard surfaces such as polyester and ceramics require the use of SubliJet or SubliMugs ink while soft textiles such as cotton-based t-shirts require the use of ChromaBlast ink (each sold separately).

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