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  1. OKI Pro6410 A4 Neon Colour Laser Printer


    The Pro6410 NeonColor printer frees creative businesses from the limits of the standard CMY spectrum. Delivering super fast return-on-investment this groundbreaking technology enables printing of bright, neon colours on transfer media for use on almost anything, producing dazzling effects on both dark and light backgrounds.

    • Vibrant colour: Stunning, high quality neon colour
    • A technology firstCombining High Definition digital LED colour printing with neon toner technology
    • Media Versatility: Prints dazzling neon colours on transfer media or coloured paper up to 250gsm
    • New opportunities: Grow your business and access new lucrative revenue streams
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  2. OKI Pro8432WT White Toner A3 Laser Printer


    A breakthrough in printing technology, the Pro8432WT A3 white toner printer prints in any colour including white. Easy-to-use, affordable and ideal for creative, graphics arts use, the Pro8432WT prints solid, sharp, bright white colour designs on a wide range of media. Innovative technology

    • CMYW - A first for digital printing
    • Extend creativity - White toner technology removes the last barrier in creativity and design
    • In-house printing - Ideal for graphics, design and merchandising materials
    • Versatile media - Stand-out printing on coloured media, clear film and transfer media
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  3. OKI Pro7411WT A4 White Toner Laser Printer


    The Pro7411WT A4 white toner printer prints in any colour, including white, on dark and transparent media. Innovative technology gives designers, graphics studios, manufacturers and creative businesses more flexibility for in-house printing, proofing and production.

    • Stand-out white: High-quality solid white graphics and text
    • Flexible media: Prints vibrant CMYW colours on a wide variety of media
    • Unique technology: White toner printing breaks down creative barriers
    • Business opportunities: Cost-effective in-house printing on-demand

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  4. OKI Pro9431dn A3 Colour and Mono Laser Printer


    Designed to meet the needs of the graphic arts and creative industries with the versatility to serve general office requirements, the Pro9431 delivers vibrant, high-quality colour printing on a wide range of media. Including gloss paper, film, transfer paper and waterproof paper.

    • Professional print quality in-house: Commercial print quality to handle all types of print requirements
    • Unrivalled media flexibility: Endless opportunities from general office design review to proofing and signage applications
    • Cost-efficient productivity: One of the fastest A3 printers in its class at a low total cost of ownership
    • One printer, multiple uses: A perfect printer for office and creative requirements

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  5. OKI Pro9541dn A3 Colour and White/Clear Spot Colour Laser Printer


    An industry first, the Pro9541 takes digital printing to a new level with the option of printing in CMYK plus the addition of a fifth spot colour in white or clear gloss for high quality, high performance on demand printing.

    • Exceptional quality: Sharp, crisp documents in CMYK plus a spot colour in white or clear gloss
    • Media flexibilityFast printing on an extensive, unrivalled range of graphic arts media
    • Business boost: Increase margins and grow your business with five-colour printing in CMYK+ white or clear gloss on demand, in house
    • Lower TCO: High-capacity consumables, competitive price, energy efficient
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  6. OKI Pro9542dn A3 Colour and White Laser Printer


    Designed for ultimate high-impact graphic arts and light production use, the flexible Pro9542 delivers high quality CMYK plus high density white-under single pass printing, generating vibrant, standout results on a wide range of light, dark and transparent media.

    • Brilliant colour

      : Print in a full range of CMYK plus solid white
    • Vibrant finish: High-quality results with digital LED and Multi-Level ProQ technology
    • Media flexibilityPrint in-house on dark and transparent media
    • Speedy turnaround: Fast, on-demand graphic arts printing in-house

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