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  1. DNP DS80 8-inch roll fed dye sublimation photo printer


    High-speed, small footprint large-format photo printer (8x10 & 8x12”) 

    •   Lightweight & compact – Only 14kg (excluding media) and 322 x 366 x 170mm
    •   High speed printing – From only 30.2 seconds (8x10") plus buffer time
    •   High quality – Produces high quality prints with smooth gradation  
    •   Multi-finish - Print gloss or matte from same roll of paper/media
    •   Low print cost – Less than 49p for an 8x12” (A4) print

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  2. DNP DS40 Dye Sublimation Printer

    100% of 100

    Award winning compact high-speed photo printer - instant prints up to 6x9 inch (15x23 cm)

    •   Compact & lightweight – Fits into tight spaces and easy to transport
    •   Low print cost - from 7.5p (4x6”) per print
    •   Multi-finish - Print gloss or matte without changing paper/media.

    Order DS40 twin media packs in various sizes: 4x6", 5x7", 6x8", 6x9".

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  3. DNP DS620 6-inch roll fed dye sublimation printer

    100% of 100

    Ultra compact high-speed photo printer with added features & improved efficiency

    •   Roll back function – More & new print size options from same roll of media;
    •   Panoramic Printing – 6x14" & 6x20" sizes available with SDK, Hot Folder Print, Snaplab+ or Tomo
    •   Compact & lightweight – 14% smaller and 2kg lighter than DS40;
    •   Low print cost - from 11.5p (5x7”) per print;
    •   Multi-finish - Lustre, Fine Matte, Glossy and Matte from Same Paper
    Read more about the DS620's ribbon roll back function. 


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  4. DNP DS80DX 8-inch roll fed DUPLEX photo printer


    Duplex dye sublimation photo printer (full bleed, double-sided up to 8x12”)

    •   Double sided – Single/double sided prints, calendars, photo-books etc.
    •   Full bleed option – Image bleeds off edge of the print i.e. no white border
    •   Compact – Smallest footprint of any duplex printer on the market
    •   Multi-finish - Print gloss or matte from the same roll of paper/media

    Available for pre-order. Please enquire about delivery lead time.

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  5. DNP 'SnapLab' DP-SL620: License key for passport & ID photo software (v. upgrade


    Intelligent biometrics and scene awareness that will even let you know when a subject's mouth is open or if their eyes are shut!

    Scans and validates images to meet the official requirements of all countries and flags or rejects images when:
    •   the subject is incorrectly framed or cropped;
    •   background colour, density or uniformity (shadows etc.) does not meet requirements;
    •   the image is unsharp or the resolution is insufficient;
    •   the subject is wearing glasses or the lenses are too dark;
    •   the subject's mouth is open or eyes blinked at time of exposure.

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  6. DNP DS-RX1HS (High Speed Ready) 6-inch roll fed dye sublimation photo printer


    20% Faster Print Speed than DNP's DS-RX1 printer (12.4s for a 4x6" print at 300dpi)!

    •   High print capacity – 700 prints from just a single roll (4x6” media)
    •   Various print sizes – 4x6" (10x15cm); 5x7" (12.5x17.8cm) & 6x8" (15x20cm)
    •   Improved print speed –  Up to 290 4x6" (10x15cm) prints per hour
    •   Multi-finish - Gloss or matte prints from the same roll of paper/media
    •   Highly versatile – Print standard print sizes PLUS 2” strips for photo booths



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  7. DNP DS820 8-inch roll fed dye sublimation photo printer


    High-speed, small footprint large-format photo printer (8x10", 8x12” and Panoramic) 

    •   Exclusive finishes– Glossy, Matte, Fine Matte and Luster
    •   Two types of consumables – Pure Premium & Digital
    •   Large choice of formats – Including Panoramic Prints (up to 8x32" - with SDK)
    •   Productivity & profitability – Rewind function for most efficient consumption of consumables


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  8. DNP Snaplab Plus DP-SL620 II all-in-one portable photo kiosk


    DNP Snaplab Plus Compact photo kiosk with full range of features plus wireless connectivity

    •   Variety of photo finishing formats – The DP-SL620 II can print a variety of sizes including strips, squares and panoramic.
    •   **NEW** Card Printing – When connected to a Fargo DTC 1250e Printer (sold seperately) 
    •   Compact yet high performance – Small footprint (0.11m2) and rewind function
    •   Value added products– Connect DNP DS820 or DS80DX for 8" Double Sided Prints, Calendars, Greeting Cards, Photobooks etc
    •   Simple to use – Has the ability to connect devices either wired or wireless. 
    •   Event use – Optional Party Print mode ican be purchased seperately ideal for events without PC.

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