1. AMBERSIL Air Duster - Powerful, Dry, Inert Gas (400ml)


    Powerful, Dry, Inert gas

    Non-flammable, dry 'air' blast for removing loose, dry contamination from electronics.

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  2. AMBERSIL Amberclens - Anti-Static Foaming Cleaner (400ml)


    Anti-Static Foaming Cleaner

    Use to remove general grime and soiling on all hard surfaces or on upholstery to gently lift out grime. Particularly effective as a post-maintenance cleaner for removing finger marks and oil residues. Anti-Static formulation inhibits dust attraction.

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  3. AMBERSIL Label Remover - For Self-Adhesive Labels and Stickers (200ml)


    For Self-Adhesive Labels And Stickers

    Removes all types of self adhesive labels from equipment.

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  4. AMBERSIL Amberklene FE10 - Fast Drying Solvent (400ml)


    Fast Drying Solvent

    General degreasing of machinery including chains, gears, cogs, drives, motors, bearings, and more. Particularly suitable for removing grease from bearing housings and gear teeth and copper paste from threaded fasteners. Also used for stain removal on textiles.

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  5. AMBERSIL BA40 Solvent - Water Soluble Solvent (400ml)


    Specialist Water Soluble Solvent

    For removal of uncured sealants and adhesives, particularly during aircraft maintenance.

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  6. AMBERSIL IPA Solvent - Electronic Cleaning Solvent (400ml)


    Isopropyl Alcohol Electronic Cleaning solvent

    Ideal for cleaning optical devices, switches and PCB s. Use where a safe solvent is required on delicate electronics.

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  7. AMBERSIL Multi-Surface Polish - Cleaner and Polish for Hard Surfaces (400ml)


    Cleaner And Polish For Hard Surfaces

    Developed to cut through and remove industrial soiling which is more tenacious than domestic or office soiling.

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  8. AMBERSIL Silicone Lubricant - General Purpose Silicone Lubricant (500ml)


    General Purpose Silicone Lubricant

    Use for plastic-to-plastic lubrication, extra slip on chutes or slides, and on push fit pipes. Can also be used as a general mould release agent or as a cutting aid on paper/textile blades. Use on printing lines to reduce ink adhesion.

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  9. AMBERSIL Amberklene ME20 - Heavy Duty Solvent (400ml)


    Heavy Duty Solvent

    For tough and old grease deposits which require a longer contact time. Use on pumps, gearboxes, drives exposed to the elements or with longer service intervals.

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