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In the accessories section you will find a range of spare parts, flight cases, bags, cleaner kits, head units and more.
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  1. HITI PB-110 Li-Ion Battery Pack

    The freedom of mobility can be obtained simply by powering up the HiTi P110S mobile photo printer with the fully charged battery pack PB-110. Learn More
  2. DNP DS40 Replacement Thermal Header

    The thermal head is what heats the ink ribbon and causes the image to be transferred onto the paper. Learn More
  3. DNP DS80 Print Catcher For 8” Prints

    A metal print catcher for the DS80, attaches to the front of the machine in exactly the same way as the DS40 catcher. Learn More
  4. Print Catcher for DS40

    Catches your prints as they come out of the DNP DS40 printer. Learn More
  5. DNP DS Series Scrap Box

    Replacement scrap box for the DNP DS40 and DS80 printers. Catches the off cuts from your photos when they come out of the printer. Learn More
  6. DNP Cabinet for the SL-20

    This stand provides the perfect station for the DS-SL20 for a shop, lab or mobile photo printing set-up. Learn More
  7. DNP DS-SL20 Snaplab Remote Pay

    DNP remote payment module for use with Snaplab SL20 Learn More
  8. CITIZEN Thermal Head Cleaning Pen

    Cleaning pen for use with thermal printing heads. Learn More
  9. CIAAT CTC-940 Magnetic Stripe Card Encoding Module

    CIAAT Magnetic Stripe card encoding module for use with CIAAT CTC-940 card printer. Learn More
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Items 1-10 of 38

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