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  1. PLAQUE MDF Cherry oak 230x326 (9x12.8")


    A 230x326mm (9x12.8") award plaque constructed of premium MDF for mounting printed aluminium sheets (or other) up to 212x307mm (8.3x12.1")

    •   Attractive cherry oak finish and a dark mahogany coloured ogee edge;
    •   Includes stand (portrait or landscape);
    •   Engineered wood fibre blend and premium quality phenol resin bonding agent;

    NOTE: This item is NOT printable. Use as mount for printable allumium panel.

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  2. Wooden Frames for Ceramic Tiles(Various Shapes & Sizes)

    Starting at £1.89

    Our wooden frames are designed to hold the various ceramic tiles that were used for sublimation. Please note: The ceramic tiles are purchased separately. Learn More
  3. SPOUT LID for aluminium sport bottle


    Spare BPA-free plastic screw-in spout lid with tethered end cap for aluminium sport bottle

    •   Spout lid which is ideal for sipping cold drinks while you're out running or on the move;
    •   BPA-free plastic is non toxic, safe and recommended for food and drinks storage;
    •   Replace with aluminium screw cap (included with sport bottle) for greater peace of mind that your drinks won't leak while in your bag or in the boot of the car.

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  4. DISPLAY FITTINGS for aluminium panels - assorted

    Starting at £4.99

    Contemporary display options for all aluminium photo and wall-art display panels

    •   Aluminium easel table stands for standing display
    •   MDF shadow mounts for floating wall-hanging display

    Please ask us about our advanced hanging systems and other display options.



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