Aluminium Moulds

  1. COOLING & REGISTRATION MOULD for mobile device cases


    Starting at: £8.39

    Aluminium moulds for various types of mobile devices used when sublimating plastic 3D cases in a 3D sublimation oven. The moulds serve a dual purpose:

    1.   Prevents the heated plastic cases from warping as they cool
    2.   Aids with registration when using vacuum form sublimation film

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  2. COOLING MOULD for 400ml plastic drinks bottle (Ø=80mm)


    An aluminium cooling mould to prevent warping when transfer printing onto PET plastic drinks bottles or other cylindrical shaped plastic items

    •   For ST-210 and other mug presses
    •   For ST-3042, ST-420 and other mug- or sublimation ovens

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