Sublimation Accessories

  1. Heaters for 8-in-1 sublimation combo press


    Starting at: £25.00

    Mug & plate heaters for 8-in-1 sublimation combo press:

    •   Quick and easy to replace
    •   Rigid metal backing for even pressure distribution
    •   Heat conductive rubber for efiicient heat distribution

    Read More
  2. Heat Resistant Gloves

    Our heat-resistant gloves are ideal for protecting your hands while working with your sublimation machine. Read More

  3. Filter Element for 3D Sublimation Machine

    Our spare filters ensure that your 3d sublimation machine (or mini machine) has proper air-flow and thus running efficiently. Read More

  4. Silicon Sheet for 3D Vacuum Sublimation Machine Tray

    Spare Silicon Sheet for 3D Vacuum Sublimation Machine Tray Read More

  5. Replacement parts for Mini 3D Sublimation Machine


    Starting at: £3.50

    Replacement parts for Mini 3D Sublimation Machine Read More
  6. STAND (shoes) for photo slate - 1 pair

    Stand for Sublimation Photo Rock Read More

  7. Wooden Frames for Ceramic Tiles(Various Shapes & Sizes)


    Starting at: £1.89

    Our wooden frames are designed to hold the various ceramic tiles that were used for sublimation. Please note: The ceramic tiles are purchased separately. Read More
  8. Lid for Printable Aluminium Bottle

    Spare plastic Lid for Aluminium Bottles. Read More

  9. CHROMALUXE Contemporary display options


    Starting at: £3.50

    A selection of contemporary display options for your CHROMALUX & SUBLIMUGS metal prints:

    •   Small & large aluminium easels for standing display
    •   MDF shadow mounts for hanging display

    Please ask us about the CHROMALUXE advanced hanging system and other display options.

    Read More
  10. Rubber Wraps


    Starting at: £6.98

    Our rubber wraps are designed to assist the process of printing custom mugs using our 3d sublimation heat press and come in various sizes. Read More
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