Rotary Trimmers

  1. ROTATRIM Professional M Trimmers


    Starting at: £85.36

    When trimming materials, you want the finest precision – and we have the perfect solution! Our range of RotaTrim Professional 'M' Series Trimmers are the ideal choice for the studio, classroom, or workplace, with exceptional accuracy. Available in various sizes. Read More
    Ships in 3-4 days
  2. ROTATRIM Straight Edge for Hand Held Knives


    Starting at: £123.36

    These Straight Edge guides are ideal for ensuring a neat, precise cut with handheld knives. With a non-slip design and a Sheffield Steel guide edge, these are easy to use in the studio, the classroom, or the office. Read More
    Ships in 3-4 days
  3. ROTATRIM Self Healing Cutting Mats


    Starting at: £3.50

    Our range of RotaTrim Self-Healing Cutting Mats offer a safe base to protect surfaces when cutting materials. Featuring centimetre and millimetre grid marks for precise trimming, as well as multiple angle lines. Read More
    Ships in 3-4 days
  4. ROTATRIM Adjustable Cursor for M and MC Trimmers

    This M Series Cursor is a high-quality replacement for the Professional M Series Trimmers produced by RotaTrim. These are competitively-priced and easy to add to the trimmer, for continued exceptional performance. Read More

  5. ROTATRIM Base Extensions for D/T/FT Trimmers


    Starting at: £123.36

    Our range of RotaTrim PowerTech Base Extensions are ideal for increasing your trimmer's baseboard depth, making it easier to trim larger materials. We offer a choice of sizes to suit your specific needs. Read More
    Ships in 3-4 days
  6. ROTATRIM Stand & Waste Catcher for PowerTech Trimmers


    Starting at: £195.00
    Free Delivery Available

    These RotaTrim PowerTech Stand and Waste Collectors offer strong support for your trimmer, at the ideal height you need. With retractable PVC collection bags (for neat, no-mess performance) and adjustable feet, these make trimming easier than ever. Read More
    Ships in 3-4 days
  7. ROTATRIM Rule Extensions for D/T/FT/PT Trimmers


    Starting at: £66.82

    Our selection of RotaTrim T Series Extended Rules are designed to help make trimming larger materials easier and precise. These replace your current rule, with a choice of 24” and 36” designs. Read More
    Ships in 3-4 days
  8. ROTATRIM Base Extensions for the PowerTech Trimmers


    Starting at: £138.78

    Space may be lacking in your workspace, leaving little (or no) room for creative tasks. These RotaTrim Technical Stand and Waste Collectors provide sturdy support for your trimmer at the ideal height, with PVC collector bags to reduce waste. Read More
    Ships in 3-4 days
  9. ROTATRIM Mainenance Kits and Service Packs


    Starting at: £14.91

    Our RotaTrim Maintenance Packs for Mastercut/Professional Trimmers can keep your trimmers performing at their very best. Featuring RotaTrim lubrication spray, a lint-free cloth, and other accessories, these are the essential addition to your trimmer workspace. Read More
    Ships in 3-4 days
  10. LAMIGRAPHICS 14" (A4) Rotary Paper Trimmer

    This rotary paper cutter is used to cut paper within the thickness of 1mm. Its cutting width size is 14 inch and table dimensions are 500x280mm (20x11in). Read More

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