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  1. LC-DC400 Craft Knife

    For use as an Office Tool, Hobbies or for Design Jobs, the LC-D400 Craft Knife is the perfect tool to achieve a delicate precise finish. Learn More
  2. A2 Creasing And Mounting Machine (Width 52.5cm)

    The creasing mounting machine makes creasing much easier by enabling you to crease multiple sheets in one go, accurately, time and time again. Learn More
  3. VIVID MAGNUM MM34B Manual Wire Binder

    Wire binding can be made quick and easy with this Manual Binder that binds up to A4 size pages. Learn More
  4. VIVID MAGNUM iBind A8 Manual Comb Binder

    Our Magnum iBind A8 Manual Comb Binding System features an easy action punching system for 20% less effort, combined with a unique and stylish design. Perfect for A5 & A4 size pages. Learn More
  5. VIVID MAGNUM ME-4&1 Binding System

    Our ME-4&1 Binding System Electrically operated is a multi function machine that will punch and close Wire 3:1 & 2:1, Comb and Spiral. Capable of binding up to 20,000 sheets per hour. Learn More
  6. VIVID TRIMFAST Electric Ream Cutting System (430mm)

    This Fully Electric Ream Cutter (A3 max. size) is high performance and reliable. It is equipped with a useful stand and has a cutting length of 430mm and cutting capacity of 45mm / 450 Sheets. Learn More
  7. VIVID EASYMOUNT 1600 Independent Hot Roller Laminator


    The Easymount Single Hot 1600 has a width of 1200 mm and a roller diameter of 130 mm. It features a hot roller heating system with internal infrared. It allows to laminate, mount and encapsulate, meaning you can now truly offer a one-stop shop for print and finishing.

    Please note that the price shown includes Delivery and Full Training.

    Learn More
  8. VIVID EASYMOUNT 650 Cold Laminator

    Our Easymount 650 Cold Laminator has a smaller width (650 mm) and roller diameter (65 mm). It allows to laminate, mount and encapsulate and it is a cost effective solution for professional use. Learn More
  9. VIVID MAGNUM Manual Creasers

    Starting at £149.00

    Our Magnum Manual Creasers are specifically designed to make the toughest jobs look easy. They are ideal for creating accurate paper products in no time. Learn More
  10. VIVID MAGNUM Electric Creasers

    Starting at £825.00

    Our Magnum Electric Creasers are able to crease and perforate. They are simple, quick and perfect for the use in every day work. Learn More
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