SteadyCam Equipment

  1. Shoulder Mount Rig

    This Shoulder Mount Rig allows you to stabilize and reduce unwanted rotation during filming, with facilities to add video lights, microphones, LCD monitors and more. When aiming for a professional visual style, this is a fantastic addition to any shoot. Read More

  2. Motorized Follow Focus

    Free Delivery Available
    This Motorized Follow Focus is designed to help the dedicated filmmaker pull focus and stabilize their camera while moving. Ideal for achieving a professional style, this allows you to switch cameras quickly and easily, thanks to its adjustable base plate. Read More

  3. Support Vest and Arm

    Free Delivery Available
    This Support Vest and Arm provides outstanding precision and stabilization. Designed for smooth images while walking, climbing / descending stairs, running, and crossing rough surfaces, this vest is comfortable to wear for long periods. Read More

  4. Steadycam Pro Small Size

    Our Steadycam Pro Small Size offers professional, precise stabilization for cameras of up to 2.2kg, reducing shake during movement. With a comfortable handle grip, addable counterweight, and quick-release mounting plate, this is ideal for boosting the quality of your videography. Read More

  5. Steadycam Pro Medium Size

    Free Delivery Available
    Our Steadycam Pro Medium Size reduces shake, and stabilizes your camera for smoother video & images. Suitable for cameras and camcorders weighing up to 1.0kg, this offers comfortable use and sturdy aluminium construction. Read More

  6. Steadycam Pro Large Size

    This Steadycam Pro Large Size offers high-quality precision and control, for the smoothest video shoots. Featuring a tough aluminium build and a comfortable handle, this is ideal for the dedicated videographer. Read More

  7. Handheld Video Stabilizer

    Free Delivery Available
    This Handheld Video Stabilizer is designed to add more precision to your video shoots than ever. Using counterweights and gimbal to steady your camera, this eliminates unwanted movement for smoother shots. Read More

  8. Adjustable Shoulder Support Rig

    Our Adjustable Shoulder Support Rig is designed to help you capture a steadier shot when filming. Comfortable to wear, easy to adjust, this is ideal for framing the clearest images. Read More

  9. Camera Carrier Vest + Side Holster

    Holster Systems are very compact. The simple Twist & Lock device on belt or strap-mount systems helps prevent grab & run theft. Cameras, whether small or DSLR, lock into the holster, ready for immediate use. Read More

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