Camera Accessories

In this section you will find a range of camera accessories including flashguns, lenses, clamps and grips, bags and covers, and more.
  1. iLux™ -  V860C (Canon-Dedicated) SpeedLite Kit iLux™ -  V860C (Canon-Dedicated) SpeedLite Kit

    iLux™ - V860C (Canon-Dedicated) SpeedLite Kit


    Regular Price: £155.00

    Special Price: £99.99

    ... Save over £ 55.00 ...

    iLux V-Series SpeedLites have been specifically designed with the high demands of the working professional photographer in mind. Its most significant feature is the high capacity Li-ion battery which supplies a steady and reliable source of power.

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  2. iLux™ V850 / Godox  (Universal) SpeedLite Kit iLux™ V850 / Godox  (Universal) SpeedLite Kit

    iLux™ V850 / Godox (Universal) SpeedLite Kit


    Regular Price: £120.00

    Special Price: £84.00

    ... save over £ 51 ....

    The V850 universal speedlight gives full manual control over flash exposure. It retains most of the advanced functions and innovative features of the V860 Canon & Nikon dedicated speedlite but with the benefit of a universal hotshoe.

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  3. iLux™ / Godox Propac Nikon Cable (3m)

    This 3 metre Propac cable works with Nikon SpeedLites SB28 EURO, SB28DX, SB80DX, SB800, SB900 and other models with similar power-in port. Read More

  4. WEIFENG WPB-4052 Large Camera Bag

    Large Camera Bag Read More

  5. WEIFENG WPB-4051 Medium Camera Bag

    Medium Camera Bag Read More

  6. WEIFENG WPB-4050 Small Camera Bag

    Small Camera Bag Read More

  7. EXAN Flash Diffuser

    For Canon 380EX / Nikon SB-24,25,26 / Metz 40MZ2 / Minolta 5200I / 5400 XI,HS, Sigma EF-500DGSVPFO / EF-500DGST cameras. Read More

  8. NISSIN 34DI-S Flash For Sony Cameras

    This flash is designed for use with Sony DSC ( V1, F828, F717, F707) Read More

  9. EXAN 10-C300N Lamp Socket

    Lamp socket with stand spigot lock, with power ON / OFF controlled by a switch at the back of the socket housing. Read More

  10. Multi-Flash Bracket

    Multi Flash Bracket Read More

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