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ID Photo Systems

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  1. DNP 'SnapLab' DP-SL620: License key for passport & ID photo software (v. upgrade


    Intelligent biometrics and scene awareness that will even let you know when a subject's mouth is open or if their eyes are shut!

    Scans and validates images to meet the official requirements of all countries and flags or rejects images when:
    •   the subject is incorrectly framed or cropped;
    •   background colour, density or uniformity (shadows etc.) does not meet requirements;
    •   the image is unsharp or the resolution is insufficient;
    •   the subject is wearing glasses or the lenses are too dark;
    •   the subject's mouth is open or eyes blinked at time of exposure.

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  2. MITSUBISHI Smart D70iD + Passport and ID Photo System


    The Mitsubishi Smart D70iD+ is an advanced Photo ID platform that provides to retailers, pharmacists, chains and independent businesses the perfect solution to quickly print ID, Passport or Visa photos in a very simple, fast and effective way.

    You can send the images to the screen from several sources, and the Smart ID System will convert the captures image automatically into the Perfect ID photo suitable for your country and application form's specification.

    • ICAO Compliance: Automatic ICAO recognition. Take the photo and the Smart ID System will do the rest
    • Biometric Approval: Automatic face recognition within the guidelined area
    • Background Removal: With one single touch, you can change the background colour from a variety of colours
    • Image Enhancement: Possible defects can be corrected with out affecting image quality
    • Digital Output: The customer has the option to print the photos, save to USB drive or send via email.
    • Multi Language: Available in English, Español, Deutsch, Français (Belgium), Français (France), Italiano, Portugues, Dutch, Svenska, Suomi.
    • QuickPrint iD function: Less than 40 seconds from source to print.
    • Wireless Connectivity: Connect via WiFi, CamFi or local FTP from camera

    Required Media: CK-D746-U

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