ID Photo Systems

  1. DNP 'SnapLab' DP-SL620: License key for passport & ID photo software (v. upgrade

    Free Delivery Available

    Intelligent biometrics and scene awareness that will even let you know when a subject's mouth is open or if their eyes are shut!

    Scans and validates images to meet the official requirements of all countries and flags or rejects images when:
    •   the subject is incorrectly framed or cropped;
    •   background colour, density or uniformity (shadows etc.) does not meet requirements;
    •   the image is unsharp or the resolution is insufficient;
    •   the subject is wearing glasses or the lenses are too dark;
    •   the subject's mouth is open or eyes blinked at time of exposure.

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  2. CHORUS ID Basic Passport Bundle System

    Free Delivery Available

    Buy ChorusID1 Get Box of media FREE
    ***HOT OFFER*** Buy CHORUSID1 get FREE Box of 4x6" Media
    Box of Media automatically add in shopping cart. Exp: 12/05/17 

    This great value wireless ID bundle contains everything you need to take passport photos,
    with software specially suited for International ID, Passport and Visa Photography. 

    Bundle Includes:

    • Citizen CY Dye Sublimation Printer
    • InTouch Touch Screen Panel PC
    • ID Photo Maker Software (Pre-Installed)
    • Wireless Router
    • 4GB Eye-Fi Card (Pre-Configured)

    Requires SD Card Compatible Camera (Sold Seperately)

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  3. SINFONIA CS2 retail, ID & event kit (FREE BOX OF MEDIA)

    Free Delivery Available
    This all-in-one bundle features the Sinfonia CS2 dye sublimation printer and InTouch touch screen panel PC along with the ID photo maker software. Read More
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