Touch Screens

In the touch screens section you will find a range of touch screen terminals with an embedded operating system for image editing and more.
  1. [PRE-ORDER] DNP DS-Tmini 10" Order Terminal

    Free Delivery Available

    Combined with a DNP printer, the compact DS-Tmini offers a variety of photo finishing formats, ranging from standard prints, ID and panoramic prints up to 8x32”. Biometric passport function meeting the official requirements of any country is also available. By connecting the DNP’s DS80DX printer, the value added products such as photo books can be also offered to generate more sales in a printing business. The DS-Tmini has all you need for starting a photo print business.


    Supported Printers: DS620, DS-RX1HS, DS820, DS80, DS80DX

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  2. [PRE-ORDER] DNP DST4 21" Terminal with TOMO Software


    The Tomo™ software is the industry’s most versatile self-service photo kiosk solution on the market. The intuitive animated user interface associated with the automatic image correction allows customers to print, in record time, perfectly enhanced images in several possible sizes*. The Tomo™ software lets customers create value-added products by going through the expandable product catalog including borders and frames, calendars, greeting cards and photobook*.

    The DNP Tomo™ software installed on the versatile Nexstation terminal automatically analyses and enhances the pictures so you have smiling customers in front of the camera and in your shop.

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  3. [PRE-ORDER] DNP DST4 21" Terminal with Nexlab6 Software


    The nexlab™6 user interface is designed for efficient order management.

    Simple and intuitive interface 

    • New user interface designed for efficient order management
    • Simple yet powerful controls and intuitive software layout
    • Colour-coded software for at-a-glance operation
    • Device dashboard displays status and error information for each fulfilment device

    Minilab-type features

    • Print/Pass feature
    • Image editing and Pre-judge Print workflow supported
    • Add new sizes and discs to order
    • Reprint entire orders, product groups or individual images
    • Large variety of standard and creative products supported
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