Selfie Pods

  1. Selfie Pod Freestanding Photo Kiosk

    The selfie pod is a freestanding instant photo kiosk that is perfect for taking self portraits. As the name suggests, it’s great for a selfie with friends, therefore it’s ideal for social occasions and events, whether that be weddings, birthday parties or even marketing campaigns. The selfie pod can be broken down and easily assembled using the twist and lock frame system so it’s incredibly easy to transport. The selfie pod frame comes with a free carry bag, along with your electrical equipment. Read More
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  2. LED Steelpod Pro Photo Station


    The new LED SteelPod Pro is the latest design of photo station, hand crafted from a unique fold away steel design, with solid enclosed compartments for all electrical equipment. It also has mounted wheels so that it’s incredibly easy to transport.

    Illuminated by a large digital display LED panel, the LED SteelPod Pro can display photos from your events, visual effects or even display advertising opportunities. In fact any photo or video can be displayed on the LED display.

    Guests using the LED SteelPod Pro can capture landscape selfies using the DSLR camera, get instant prints using the enclosed photo catcher, or otherwise upload their pictures to Facebook or share on email.

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