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  1. DNP DP-SL620 all-in-one portable photo kiosk

    Free Delivery Available

    Buy DNP Snaplab SL620, get FREE box of Media (Selectable on Product Page)
    T&Cs Apply: Offer valid on Web Orders only, cannot be used with phone orders. Cannot be used with Finance Payment Option.
    Offer Expiry Date: 10 Sept 2017 - Subject to Availability

    Compact photo kiosk with full range of features plus wireless connectivity

    •   Diverse product range – Photo prints, ID/Passport, frames, calendars PLUS more
    •   High connectivity – Mobiles (Apple, Android & Windows), media cards & USB
    •   Modular – Connect DNP DS80 or DS80DX for full range of photo retail products
    •   Rollback function – More & new print size options from same roll of media

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  2. CITIZEN 'Event Photo' wireless self-print and print sales station

    Free Delivery Available

    All-in-one wireless guest photo printing solution for printing photos direct from virtually any mobile device. Ideal for: parties, events, restaurants, coffee shops, children’s & sports activity centres, museums, hotels and conference venues.

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  3. CHORUS ID Basic Passport Bundle System

    Free Delivery Available

    Buy ChorusID1 Get Box of media FREE
    ***HOT OFFER*** Buy CHORUSID1 get FREE Box of 4x6" Media
    Box of Media automatically add in shopping cart. Exp: 12/05/17 

    This great value wireless ID bundle contains everything you need to take passport photos,
    with software specially suited for International ID, Passport and Visa Photography. 

    Bundle Includes:

    • Citizen CY Dye Sublimation Printer
    • InTouch Touch Screen Panel PC
    • ID Photo Maker Software (Pre-Installed)
    • Wireless Router
    • 4GB Eye-Fi Card (Pre-Configured)

    Requires SD Card Compatible Camera (Sold Seperately)

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  4. Oval-Shaped Photo Booth

    One of the most popular options for those looking to buy a photo booth. A sleek modern looking design rounded at both ends and capable of accommodating up to 6-8 people at anyone time. Read More
    E-mail sales@photomart.co.uk for a quote
  5. Bullet-Shaped Photo Booth

    Our Bullet Booth is the latest in photo booth design and construction. A sleek modern looking design capable of accommodating up to 10-12 people at anyone time. Read More
    E-mail sales@photomart.co.uk for a quote
  6. Square-Shaped Photo Booth

    The Square photo booths are the original photo booth option. A solid and sturdy traditional photo booth style and construction, capable of accommodating up to 10-12 people at anyone time. Read More
    E-mail sales@photomart.co.uk for a quote
  7. Kids Sized Photo Booth

    The Kids Booth is a smaller oval booth perfect for children’s parties and events. Of course adults can squeeze in too, but this booth is built purposefully for children under 12 years old to use. Read More
    E-mail sales@photomart.co.uk for a quote
  8. Flight Case Style Magic Mirror Photo Booth (FLITE)


    The Magic Photo Mirror FLITE is our lightest Mirror yet. Inspired by the successful Magic Photo Mirror, this NEW Magic Photo Mirror FLITE is manufactured in a lighter flight case, enabling easy lifting and moving. It’s also now the perfect size to fit into an estate car, yet large enough to keep the “Wow factor”

    Stand in front of the mirror and touch the specially integrated touch screen to take a full length photo. Once your photo has been captured, personalise your photo with paint, by drawing a picture or scribbling a message on screen. The Magic Photo Mirror also has a selection of emoji stamps you can add to your drawings. Collect your prints in less than 10 seconds.

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    E-mail sales@photomart.co.uk for a quote
  9. Collapsible Magic Mirror Booth

    The Magic Mirror Booth SE is a slim and transportable version of the original Magic Photo Mirror. It breaks down and assembles in exactly the same way our photo booths would, using our tested and patented twist and lock aluminium frame. It also has a PVC coating which is brandable, to allow you to customise your mirror booth even further than changing the frame. The skinny mirror booth can fit inside a small car so is great for one person assembly. Read More
    E-mail sales@photomart.co.uk for a quote
  10. Selfie Pod Freestanding Photo Kiosk

    The selfie pod is a freestanding instant photo kiosk that is perfect for taking self portraits. As the name suggests, it’s great for a selfie with friends, therefore it’s ideal for social occasions and events, whether that be weddings, birthday parties or even marketing campaigns. The selfie pod can be broken down and easily assembled using the twist and lock frame system so it’s incredibly easy to transport. The selfie pod frame comes with a free carry bag, along with your electrical equipment. Read More
    E-mail sales@photomart.co.uk for a quote
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