Lighting & Studio

In the lighting and studio section you will find a range of bulbs, tubes, triggers, flashguns, tripods and more.
  1. EXAN 1000W Bulb For Red Head

    EXAN Replacement Bulb for the Continuous Red Head Lights - and KCPDG800KIT. Read More

  2. WELCOM Magna Cart MCX 2-Wheel Hand Truck

    For an easy, safe way to transport your photographic equipment, the 2 wheel hand truck is the answer. The adjustable handle and heavy duty wheel set make this ideal for most jobs. Read More

  3. 30W Spiral Fluorescent Bulb For Bowens Streamlite

    Cool running & longlife 3-sgeW Spiral Fluorescent Bulb for the Bowens Streamlite 330 & 530 Read More
    Ships in 3-4 days

  4. FOMEI 100W Clear Pilot Bulb

    100W 240V Clear Pilot Bulb Read More

  5. EXAN 2 Pin to E27 Adaptor (Pack of 2)

    2 Pin to E27 Adaptor Read More

  6. EXAN Daylight Metal Halide Bulb for MH-Imagers

    MH-150W Daylight Metal Halide Bulb for MH-Imagers Read More

  7. EXAN Fluorescent Tube


    75W U Tube Fluorescent Bulb - a simple and cost effective alternate for small product photography.

    E27 thread will fit the bulb holder EXAN 10-C300N Lamp Socket SKU : 75009TRI.

    Read More

  8. EXAN 1000W Clear Modelling Lamp

    1000W 230V Modelling Lamp Read More

  9. EXAN Bulb for the Continuous Red Head Lights

    P2/35 1000W Bulb 230V for the Continuous Red Head Lights Read More

  10. Aluminium Camera Tripod Black Anodized 30-330

    Aluminium Tripod Black anodized Comes with small ball head. Quick release mount. Legs spread 3 position for low angle. Height: 132 cm. Level indicator Read More

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