In the computing section you will find a range of storage media from CD's to DVD's and USB flash drives.

  1. 2m USB 2.0 A to B Cable

    Suitable for connecting a dye sub printer to a computer or touch screen. Read More

  2. UK 3 Pin Mains Plug To USB Type A

    UK 3 Pin Mains Plug to USB Type A Read More

  3. USB RJ45 Extender Adaptor

    Extend One Bus-Powered USB Device up to 50 metres The USB Extension adapter allows you to connect your USB device to your Computer at a distance of up to 50 metres with the help of a Cat 5/Cat 5e/Cat 6 network cable (not included). Read More

  4. FUJIFILM CD-R 52x Photodisk Jewel Case 700MB (Box of 10)

    PhotoDisc CD-R from Fujifilm - The perfect way to store your photos. Read More

  5. FUJIFILM CD-R 52x Spindle 700MB (Pack of 100)

    Fujifilm CD-Recordable (CD-R) disks offer advances in write-once optical disk production - making them the superior choice for creating CD-ROMS using standard CD-R 120mm recordable drives. Read More

  6. FUJIFILM CD-R 52x Spindle Printable 700MB (Pack of 25)

    Ideal for home and small business users - The CD-R Printable Inkjet General offers high colour fidelity even on a home inkjet disc printer. Read More

  7. FUJIFILM Secure Digital SDXC 64GB (Class 10)

    Ideal for the large mega-pixel digital cameras and FULL HD camcorders that support the new SDXC card format. Read More

  8. FUJIFILM Compact Flash Cards (40X)


    Starting at: £7.43

    Various sizes at 40X speed or 6MB/Sec write with 5 year guarantee. Read More
  9. SANDISK SDHC Cards (Class 4)


    Starting at: £7.90

    SandDisk SDHC Cards come in four different sizes 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. Read More
  10. SANDISK Extreme Compact Flash Cards


    Starting at: £19.00

    You can get exactly the shots you want with SanDisk Extreme CompactFlash cards. You get up to 60 MB/sec read/write speeds and with up to 32GB of space, you’ll have room to capture it all in RAW+JPEG and save the editing for later. Read More
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