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Background Supports

In this section you will find a range of background support products such as spring clamps and hooks.
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  1. iLux™ Clamp with Ball Head B-15

    Clamp with built-in adjustable and positionable ball socket with 1/4" thread mount. Learn More
  2. iLux™ Single Roller Hook B - 06

    Set of 2 universal clamps. The clamp attaches to the studio / background stand spigot and the background cross beam then sits in the U bracket. Learn More
  3. iLux™ Clamp with Spigot B-12

    Clamp with fixed built-in 3/8" thread spigot and rubber covered jaws, can be attached to a light stand to support lighter items or fixed horizontally on a table edge. Learn More
  4. iLux™ Single Manual Chain Backdrop Roller

    For use with ceiling / wall mount and background support kits. Learn More
  5. iLux™ Telescopic Crossbar

    3 section, twist and lock, telescopic crossbar (1.5m - 3.0m) Learn More
  6. iLux™ Heavy Muslin Background Support Kit (with Telescopic Crossbar)

    This kit comprises of two heavy duty stands with an adjustable crossbar. This kit is specifically packaged to cope with the additional weight of the larger and heavier muslin backdrops and is equally useful in the studio or out on location. The advantage of this set-up is that that you have the flexibility to choose and change background colour quickly. Unlike wall mounted background support systems (which may require a ladder), simply adjust the crossbar height so you can reach and swap over the background. Learn More
  7. iLux™ Crossbar with Chain (for Paper Background)

    Designed to be used with mobile studio background support kit. It works just like the conventional wall mounted paper background kit sku ILPCS15 so you can roll the background paper up or down but it also comes with a crossbeam to which gives additional rigidity to the frame. Learn More
  8. iLux™ 4 Hook Paper Bracket

    A pair of brackets for mounting onto a ceiling or wall which holds four paper rolls. Learn More
  9. iLux™ 3 Hook Paper Bracket

    This bracket for the ceiling or wall holds three paper rolls. Learn More
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