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About Photomart

Corporate Philosophy

Photomart will continually strive towards maintaining service excellence and to supply products that are only of the highest quality and standard to the advancement and benefit of all our customers and others who participate in the photographic industry.

We will continue our on-going contribution by searching for and providing leading and innovative concepts and ideas. Furthermore, we will work tirelessly to provide back-up and support for the products and services that we deliver to our customers and in so doing, help cultivate a climate of customer trust and satisfaction.

We will passionately pursue all avenues to ensure the survival and growth of the industry and we will work with customers, manufacturers, trade bodies and all those who share our goals to preserve not only our own interests but also the interests of photographers, independent photo retailers, multiples and other organisations (for either profit or non-profit) within the trade.

Our activities will always be conducted within the framework of corporate, social and environmental responsibility because we recognize the rights and realise the desires of all human beings to prosper and to leave a positive legacy for future generations.

Message from the MD -

Mr. Lewis Martindale, Managing Director, Wincastle Ltd. t/a Photomart

People are at the heart of all successful businesses and I personally believe that the people of Photomart are our strongest asset and without whose enthusiasm, loyalty and dedication, we would not be the highly successful and respected organisation that we are today. I feel privileged to be a part of that team and indeed a part of an industry that I have worked in nearly my entire life and I look forward to the opportunities and challenges that still lie ahead.

Photomart has always been quick to embrace change and for some time now, the industry has seen constant and radical change. Speedier film and paper processes, digital cameras, digital photo printers and digital frames. The information age further gave us social networking and online file sharing, which has had a major impact on photo retail. Most recently we have seen the advent of dry labs and seeing as these "chemistry free" technologies are now more refined and economical, the traditional wet lab will ultimately become just another relic of the past.

Despite all of these changes, Photomart has helped to pioneer and develop various new markets such as event photography, photo gifts, photo books and digital albums. We have worked closely with other industry leaders to develop innovative solutions and introduce new streams of revenue for photo retailers and photographers and many early adopters of these various initiatives are still reaping the benefits. Photomart is also the first and currently the only UK distributor to stock a comprehensive range of dry labs and so, the launch of our "Home of Dry Lab" campaign has firmly established Photomart as the leader in this field.

Over the years, Photomart have demonstrated a strong commitment and maintained a valuable contribution to the benefit of the entire industry and we look forward to continuing in this tradition for a long time to come.

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