In the accessories section you will find a range of spare parts, flight cases, bags, cleaner kits, head units and more.
  1. Essential Cleaning Kit For Dye Sublimation Printers

    This kit contains all the essential items needed for the cleaning and maintenance of inkjet and dye sublimation printers. Read More

  2. CITIZEN Thermal Head Cleaning Pen

    Cleaning pen for use with thermal printing heads. Read More

  3. HITI Cleaning Kit For S420

    Cleaning kit for Hiti S420. Read More

  4. FUJIFILM ASK2500 5x7" Paper Spacers

    ASK2500 Paper Spacers Read More

  5. Print Catcher for DS40

    Catches your prints as they come out of the DNP DS40 printer. Read More

  6. FUJIFILM ASK2000 5x7" Paper Spacers

    Fujifilm 5x7" Paper Spacers for the ASK2000. Read More

  7. FUJIFILM ASK2500 Print Catcher

    Catches your prints as they come out of the printer, fits easily onto the front of the printers. Read More

  8. FLIGHT CASE 1 for DS40, DS80, CX, CX-W & CP3800DW

    Free Delivery Available
    A hardened flight case suitable for transporting any DNP DS40, DNP DS80, CITIZEN CX, CITIZEN CX-W or MITSUBISHI CP3800DW dye sub printers. Read More

  9. 8" Wide Paper Catch Tray

    For DNP DS80 and MITSUBISHI CP3800DW Read More

  10. HITI PBC-110 Battery Charger

    Battery charging time is shortened with the dedicated charger. Charging with the charger further enhances the experience of one-the-go printing Read More

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