Laminating Rolls

In the laminating rolls section you will find a range of matt and glossy laminating film designed to work with the hot and cold lamination machines.
  1. LAMIGRAPHICS Textured Cold Laminating Films


    Starting at: £49.00

    Give your laminations a little texture with these LAMIGRAPHICS Textured Cold Laminating Films. From marble silk to imitation leather, your laminations can feel like whatever you want them to. Multiple designs available. Read More
  2. LAMIGRAPHICS 3D Effect Cold Laminating Films


    Starting at: £69.54

    Add another dimension to your laminations with the help of LAMIGRAPHICS 3D Effect Cold Laminating Films. These are available in several patterns and colours to choose from, and they are all set at a standard 24" length. Read More
  3. LAMIGRAPHICS Holographic Cold Laminating Films


    Starting at: £58.00

    Add a new flare to lamination with these LAMIGRAPHICS Holographic Cold Laminating Films. Several unique designs are available to choose from, including fireworks and butterflies. Read More
  4. Gloss Premium Roll Laminating Film - 125mic


    Starting at: £11.27

    For large-scale laminating projects, this Gloss Premium Laminating Film will provide the protection you need at a price you can afford. All of the roll laminating films listed here are 125 microns thick. Read More
  5. Matt Premium Roll Laminating Film - 125mic


    Starting at: £24.28

    Matt premium roll laminating film is a staple in the laminating industry. Insert this film into your lamination machine, and you will be able to laminate any document you need to. Read More
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