In the lamination section you will find a range of cold and hot laminating machines, glossy and matt films, and pouches great for all photo protection needs.
  1. Gloss Laminating Pouches (A5, A4, A3, A2)


    Starting at: £14.70

    Lamination just got a little easier with these quick-grab laminating pouches. Available in several sizes and page counts, these pouches are perfect for any standard laminating needs. Read More
  2. ID Laminating Pouches (Various Sizes)


    Starting at: £2.85

    Keep your ID cards safe with the help of these hot lamination pouches

    Availlable in the following sizes:

    • Credit Card (54 x 86mm)
    • IBM (59 x 83mm)
    • Key Card (64 x 98mm)
    • Badge (67 x 98mm)
    • Luggage (63 x 108mm)
    • A7 and A6
    Read More
  3. UV Laminating Machine

    Free Delivery Available
    Laminating just got easier with the UV Laminating Machine. Capable of producing quality laminations in fast times, this machine is perfect for any print shop or sign maker. Read More

  4. SSE-001 Laminating Machine

    Desktop laminations are now possible with the help of the SSE-001 Laminating Machine. This miniature hot laminator is perfect for small projects suited for its size. Warms up in under 3 minutes! Read More

  5. SSE-002 Laminating Machine

    The SSE-002 Laminating Machine accepts cards or sheets up to A3 size. For a very low price, you could laminate your own postcards, menus, nametags, and much more right in your home or business. Read More

  6. LAMIGRAPHICS LAMI1100-DCH (A0) Hot and Cold Double Roll Laminator

    Free Delivery Available
    • Hot & Cold Lamination
    • Anti-Jam Reverse Switch
    • Tension Control on Film Mandrel
    • Speed and Temperature Control
    • Hot Roller Technology
    • Attached Safety Shield
    Read More
    Ships in 2-3 days

  7. LAMIGRAPHICS LAMI650-DCH (A1) Hot and Cold Double Roll Laminator

    Free Delivery Available
    • Hot Roller Technology
    • Hot and Cold Lamination
    • Tension Control on Film Mandrel
    • Speed and Temperature Control
    • Anti-Jam Reverse Switch
    • Attached Safety Shield
    • CE Approved
    Read More

  8. LAMIGRAPHICS Textured Cold Laminating Films


    Starting at: £49.00

    Give your laminations a little texture with these LAMIGRAPHICS Textured Cold Laminating Films. From marble silk to imitation leather, your laminations can feel like whatever you want them to. Multiple designs available. Read More
  9. LAMIGRAPHICS 3D Effect Cold Laminating Films


    Starting at: £69.54

    Add another dimension to your laminations with the help of LAMIGRAPHICS 3D Effect Cold Laminating Films. These are available in several patterns and colours to choose from, and they are all set at a standard 24" length. Read More
  10. LAMIGRAPHICS Holographic Cold Laminating Films


    Starting at: £58.00

    Add a new flare to lamination with these LAMIGRAPHICS Holographic Cold Laminating Films. Several unique designs are available to choose from, including fireworks and butterflies. Read More
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